Showmax Comedy Films

Closing date 01/05/2024




Film A: Family, Situational

TX 1 DEC 2025

Film B: Romance, Rom-Com. Valentines

TX 1 FEB 2026

Please avoid any reference to crime or death as inciting events or central themes in both films.

LANGUAGE: Predominantly Afrikaans (Must skew Afrikaans but will allow for diversity in other languages as long as it is authentic and organic). Showmax is interested in utilizing an Authentic South African way of speaking and interacting with other people, switching languages, sometimes mid-sentence.

DURATION: 90 minutes

BUDGET:  R2,1million per film (incl development)

DEMOGRAPHIC:  We are searching for two fresh, funny, and fun films that can captivate modern and contemporary Afrikaans audiences from all walks of life on Showmax. We want to showcase content that reflects a broad range of Afrikaans cultural perspectives and engages with issues that matter to today’s SHOWMAX viewers. Please be specific about who you believe your proposal is aimed at. We are interested in age groups:

  • Primary: 18 – 35 years
  • Secondary: 35 – 40 years


At Showmax, we are excited to announce that we are searching for two light and humorous films for our Afrikaans audiences. Our viewers are diverse and love to experience a range of emotions, but above all, they want to laugh and enjoy films as a family, but not shy away from some spice or an edginess in their viewing.

However, we want these concepts to be unique to the South African context, not copies of international films. We believe that our audiences are hungry for fresh, original content that celebrates their diverse Afrikaans culture and resonates with their experiences.

To win us over, your characters must be relatable and resonate with the demographic we have stipulated. They should offer a fresh angle that pulls the audience in from the start. We want to provide our viewers with a form of escapism and provide them with laughs and enjoyment.

FILM A – Family Comedy

This film should be a funny and heart-warming family comedy that revolves around the diverse and entertaining interactions among relatives. The film should focus on the universal themes of family, love, and togetherness and the fun, humour, and comedy found in these relationships. Develop relatable characters and situational comedy that resonates with audiences of all ages. The narrative should unfold naturally, creating moments of laughter, reflection, and emotional connection. Ensure a strong ensemble cast to bring these characters to life, with filming targeted to TX on SHOWMAX on December 1, 2025.

FILM B – Valentines Romcom

We are seeking a captivating and heart-warming romantic comedy film to be produced and aired on Valentine's Day, February 1, 2026. The film should not only celebrate the essence of love but also offer a unique and refreshing take on the romantic genre, providing audiences with a memorable and enjoyable experience. The film should centre around the theme of love and the quirky, amusing situations that arise when two seemingly incompatible individuals find themselves entangled in a romantic journey. While the storyline should evoke laughter and joy, it should also convey genuine emotions and resonate with the audience on a deeper level. Maintain a light-hearted and uplifting tone throughout the film, ensuring that it aligns with the romantic comedy genre. However, don't shy away from exploring genuine emotions and heartfelt moments that resonate with the audience.

We invite you to pitch your ideas, and if your concept is selected, we will provide you with the resources and support needed to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to offer our Afrikaans audiences the best viewing experience possible, and we are confident that your original content will help us achieve that goal.


When submitting your pitch, we kindly ask that you limit your proposals to 5-8 pages or slides uploaded as a PDF. As a visual representation of your film can be an effective way to communicate your vision, please consider including images or graphics to help illustrate your ideas. To ensure that we can thoroughly evaluate your proposal, we require that you include the following:

  1. Film Synopsis (200 words): Please provide a brief overview of your film, including the concept and overall story arc.
  2. Film Outline (500 words): We ask that you include a detailed outline of the film in any of the recognized structural filmic formats ( , including major plot points, character arcs, and any significant story developments, and most importantly – how it all ends and whether there is scope for further seasons.
  3. Main Characters/Storylines: Please introduce your main characters and provide a brief overview of their individual storylines.
  4. World of the Story: We are interested in the setting and world-building elements of your film; please provide details about the world in which your story takes place.

Important Information to include:

  • Target Demographic: Please provide information about your intended audience, including age range, interests, and other relevant demographic information.
  • Your Team: Provide information about the key members of your team, including writers, directors, producers, and any other relevant contributors to the project.

We appreciate your interest in pitching your films to us and look forward to reviewing your proposal.

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