Yours Truly

Maisha Magic East  Channel  158 is DSTV’s  flagship  local Channel in  the Kenyan  market .

 It is a 24 hour General Entertainment Channel specifically targeted  at Kenyan mass market audiences. It mainly showcases Lifestyle and Entertainment content that responds  to the entertainment needs  ,tastes and preferences of the  broad base  Kenya Market .   Content is mainly in Kenyan Kiswahili and Sheng.  Authentic Kenyan  Telenovelas  and local Comedy produced in Sheng and Kiswahili  are unique to this Channel in Kenya.

Our own original, indigenous productions have a home with us. We grow and support  the Kenyan creative industry; the  musicians, and actors who we entrust with the responsibility of telling our stories in the most authentic and entertaining manner.  Maza, Selina, Sue Na Jonny,  Our Perfect Wedding  and Hullabaloo Estate  have received positive acclaim in the market.

  The Channel continues in its journey to be truly Kenyan, Ours Truly!

Maisha Magic East, Ours Truly!

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