We're a Little Obsessed

The M-Net Movie channels are an eclectic entertainment hub for viewers obsessed with movies. With nine movie channels, audiences can enjoy great action, romance or comedic and many other genres on the M-Net Movie channels.

From time to time, viewers get treated to pop-up movie channels for an enhanced experience of their favourite titles.
Coupled with that, Lalla Land was launched in 2016 to bring audiences a closer look at the entire red carpet experience. It’s easy to understand why our viewers are a little obsessed.

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Our channels:

M-Net Movies Premiere - DStv Channel 104

M-Net Movies Smile - DStv Channel 105

M-Net Movies Action+  - DStv Channel 106

M-Net Movies Action - DStv Channel 110

M-Net Movies All Stars - DStv Channel 111

M-Net Movies Zone - DStv Channel 139

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