High End Series

Closing date 29/07/2019

Editorial Guide

What ‘High End Drama’ means to the Maisha Magic East audience is a sensory experience evoking a range of emotional responses from laughter and sadness to anger, empathy and curiosity.  It is of exceptional production quality and pushes the boundaries of visual and visceral story-telling.

The Maisha Magic East  premium audience consumes BOTH  local  and International content however, they want to see their  stories told in an authentic and realistic manner with high Production values. The characters in the world of the story should reflect the audience’s lived experiences but can be larger than life safely providing a voyeuristic viewer experience. The Maisha Magic  audience would be intrigued by :

1. Emotionally sweeping and engaging family drama capturing the typical  family struggle as sparked by economic pressures, finances,  children , extended family and infidelity.

2.  A high octane  fast paced  relationship drama .

 Built on a web of lies , money ,  insecurity  and societal pressure,  Crimes of passion  are  making headlines more than ever before. The dating and relationship scene in Kenya can only be described as a dangerous affair when both parties push each other to  breaking point.

Original concepts should be reflective of our audience’s daily lives and experieces  while taking an exciting new angle with well plotted storylines and rounded characters. Concepts should be over-arching and not stand-alone episodes with a definitive ending.The tone should be edgy, gripping and entertaining. The story-lines and pace must have nail-biting tension that will keep the audience glued to the TV screen.



Premium Maisha Magic East

Primary: 25-45 Age group


 The Missing (UK version), Black-Ish, Big Little Lies


An organic mixture of Kenyan Swahili 70% and English  30 %


Creative Requirements

  • Must bring a rich understanding of the genre, adhering to the required pace and structure of story-telling.
  • Must be willing to collaborate with an appointed foreign/local script doctor/producer of the Broadcaster’s choice who will assist in the development and/or production of the series. 


Submission Requirements

  • Brief synopsis of the concept and series including a Controlling Idea,
  • Dramatic Question, Premise, Logline
  • A statement of intent – why is this series / story important? Why (do you think it) should it be produced?
  • A clear and powerful world of the story.
  • Character biographies for the main characters including their traits, goals, needs and flaws as well an indication of relationships.
  • Characters references either visual or written are welcome
  • A summary of the main characters arcs/journeys
  • Episode summaries for 10 episodes and Series structure
  • Proposals should be no longer that 50 pages.
  • Full script/treatment of first episode.

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