Authentically Batswana made for TV movie

Closing date 15/09/2023

Brief: Authentically Batswana made for TV movie

Channel: Mzansi Magic

Episodes: 52 mins

Audience: Middle and Mass Market.

Primary: 18-35 age group

Secondary: 36-55 age group

Editorial Guide    

We are looking for the next fresh made for TV movie produced by local producers for Batswana audience. It should be authentic and offer a unique exploration of Botswana, with universal themes.

• Unique take on point of view, genre and world.
• A compelling controlling idea and themes.
• Story arcs that are thematically and dramatically linked.

Creative Requirements   
• Must bring a rich understanding of the genre adhering to the required pace and structure.
• Specific to black mass.
• Heighten the Batswana nuances.
• Have high production value for broadcast standards.

Submission Requirements
• One page outline
• Detailed World of story and character bios.
• 3 act structure overview.
• Proposals should be no longer than 5 pages.
• Ensure the proposal speaks to the visual look and feel as well as the tone.

Deadline:15 September 2023


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