Romantic Kenyan Telenovela

Closing date 26/05/2022

Showmax is a Video on Demand platform under the Multichoice Group serving Sub-Saharan Africa and Diaspora

Showmax is looking to Commission a romantic Kenyan Telenovela (100 eps x 26 min) targeting middle-income families. It should be exciting, timely, unique & relevant.

1. Proposal Requirements:

  • Company profile – production crew ( Producers, writers, directors, DOPs, editors)
  • Show-reel of previous content produced (please include dates and broadcasting station & known performance stats,)
  • Names of 3 most current previous clients/ production as referees.

2. Editorial

  • An original telenovela concept
  • Overall plotline & themes
  • Must have a local/relatable feel
  • Character bible of 4/5 lead characters
  • World of the story – setting,  supporting characters,
  • Must be edgy & quick pace
  • High production value
  • Tentative budget per episode & overall
  • Tentative Production schedule
  • Distinguishing traits from anything seen previously on local TV 

The original concept should be able to hook the audience from the logline and the music be creative. We should have a strong sense of the world and its people and identities. 



3. Submission process

All pilots/Concepts must be uploaded on the link below

Please note that no submissions emailed or dropped at our office will be accepted.

Technical and editorial standards required will be set out in the production agreement.

Showmax will have the final editorial and creative control over all aspects of Commissioned Programming.

N.B: failure to submit any of the above documents will lead to disqualification


4. Evaluation/selection process

  • Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged by email notification
  •  Proposals will then be evaluated by a panel of Judges selected by Channel Management
  • Pitching sessions for shortlisted proposals.
  • Selection and notification of winning proposal
  • Contracting
  •  Written confirmation that the producer has no business interest or interests that could reasonably be considered to conflict with being commissioned by the Multichoice Group


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