Prime Time Telenovela

Closing date 10/04/2020

Channel: Mzansi Magic 161

Episodes: 260’ x 23 min

Language: Culturally relevant and specific

Editorial Guide: 

In-light of what we have seen in South African television to date, Mzansi Magic is looking for a fresh new show that has culture at its centre and is inspired by African source material.

What is Culture?

the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

With this definition in mind, we are interested to see a story which portrays how culture has shifted in modern day South Africa. The characters journeys should deeply resonate with our audience and give us emotional hooks that carry the narrative throughout the show.

We are looking for a high concept story that’s deeply steeped in culture and is a first of its kind. We want this show to pull the veil off a world of story we have never explored or seen before.

Creative Requirements:

Must bring a rich understanding of the genre adhering to the required pace and structure of storytelling.

Submission Requirements:

  • Brief synopsis of the concept and series including a Controlling Idea.
  • Dramatic Question, Premise, Logline.
  • A clear and powerful world of the story.
  • An outline of episode 1.
  • A summary of the main characters arcs/journeys.
  • Proposals should be no longer that 10 pages.

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