High End series

Closing date 30/06/2021

Maisha Magic Plus is a General Entertainment Channel on DSTV Channel 163, available on Compact, Compact Plus and Premium bouquets.
The Channel targets middle to up -market Kenyans aged between 18-45 years.
Maisha Magic Plus is committed to visual storytelling that communicates an authentic and relatable Kenyan experience. Its programming is community and family oriented. It is aspirational in a realistic and achievable way.
The language used on the Channel is Swahili- English.
Maisha Magic Plus is seeking to Commission a local Telenovela with High Production values (260x 26min). The story should offer a sensory experience evoking a range of emotional responses from laughter and sadness to anger, empathy and curiosity.   It should be original, authentic, simple, light hearted, unique, relevant and sensitive to Kenyan cultural and societal norms.

The characters in the world of the story should reflect the audience’s lived experiences but can be larger than life safely providing a voyeuristic viewer experience.

The brief

BRIEF TITLE: High End series
CHANNEL: Maisha Magic Plus
GENRE: Telenovela
SERIES: 260 x 26 min
LANGUAGE: Swahili- English


Original concepts should be unique, reflective of our audience’s daily lives and experiences while taking an exciting new angle with well plotted storylines and rounded characters. Concepts should be over-arching. The tone should be edgy, gripping and entertaining. The story-lines and pace must have nail-biting tension that will keep the audience glued to the TV screen.

Proposal Requirements:

• A Pilot Episode
• Full Budget (with all Production Line items included)
• Show-reel of previous content produced (please include dates and broadcasting station,)
• List of previous productions you have participated in and your role in those productions.
• Names of 3 previous clients as referees.

 Submission process
All pilots must be uploaded on the link below

Please note that no submissions emailed or dropped at our office will be accepted.
Technical and editorial standards required by Maisha Magic Plus will be set out in the production agreement.
Maisha Magic Plus will have the final editorial and creative control over all aspects of Commissioned Programming.

N.B: failure to submit any of the above documents will lead to disqualification

Evaluation/selection process

1. Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged by email notification
2. Proposals will then be evaluated by a panel of Judges selected by Channel Management
3. Pitching sessions for shortlisted proposals.
4. Selection and notification of winning proposal
 5. Contracting



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