Early Prime Time Telenovela

Closing date 31/03/2020

Episodes: 260 x 23 min

Audience: Premium 161 Audience, Primary: 18-35 Age group, Secondary: 36-55 Age group

Editorial Guide:

Mzansi Magic is looking for a new early prime time telenovela. The show should present a new unexplored mass communal world and must be able to be enjoyed by the entire family. We want this show to have a feel-good tone to it.

We’re looking for memorable characters that belong to a specific community. The interpersonal relationships in the show should give us strong emotional hooks and present a world that brings to the characters a sense of belonging and security whilst still creating high emotional stake stories.

This telenovela should be nuanced and authentic to its world of story and have strong social resonance relating to the black South African lived experience e.g. stories set in the following spaces (but not limited to only these examples)

  • Medical spaces
  • Law enforcement
  • Blue collar and factory workers
  • Wholesale and supermarket workers
  • Non-Urban environments

We want the show to make commentary on cultural dynamics and please don’t overlook a sweeping love story that will pull the heart strings of our audiences.

Creative Requirements:

Must bring a rich understanding of the genre adhering to the required pace and structure of storytelling.

Submission Requirements:

  • Brief synopsis of the concept and series including a Controlling Idea,
  • Dramatic Question, Premise, Logline
  • A statement of intent – why is this series / story important? Why (do you think it) should it be produced?
  • A clear and powerful world of the story.
  • Overview of the first week of story including episode 1.
  • Character biographies for the main characters.
  • A summary of the main characters arcs/journeys
  • Episode summaries for 10 episodes
  • Proposals should be no longer that 10 pages.


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