Documentary series

Closing date 26/11/2021

Episodes: 10 x 46 min

Tone References: Making a Murderer, Devil’s Dorp, Strangers You Know, Chasing the Sun, Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich; Conversations with a Killer: Ted Bundy, Trial 4, The Last Dance, Drive to Survive

Audience: Premium 101 Audience. Primary: 25-45 Age group

Language: English

Editorial Guide:

M-Net 101 is looking for a highly stylistic documentary series which will perpetuate and emulate the trusted Carte Blanche brand which the M-Net 101 audience is extremely loyal towards. The M-Net audience is predominantly White and English speaking. They consume international content but want to see their their stories told in a respectful and authentic manner. The documentary series can have a common theme or be stand alone episodes.  

The series should be ‘edge of your seat’ entertainment while still being informative and centred around very interesting subject matter. It needs to reflect stories which are relevant and interesting to South Africans.

The documentary series needs to have a strong narrative with innovative shooting styles.  Emotive story-telling techniques are encouraged. Traditional ‘talking-head’ interview styles should be avoided at all costs in the treatment of the series.

Creative Requirements

  • Must bring a rich understanding of the genre and the M-Net 101 market. Provide evidence previous high quality production standards.

Submission Requirements

  • Proposals should be no longer than 20 pages
  • Brief synopsis of the concept and series
  • A statement of intent – why is this series suited for the M-Net 101 audience? Why (do you think it) should it be produced?
  • An outline of an episode
  • A Visual/Stylisic approach of the docu-reality series


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