24 Minute drama series

Closing date 14/02/2022

Episodes: 120 x 24 min

Audience: Compact channel 162 Audience, Primary: 30-45 Age group, Secondary: 46-60 Age group

Language: Vernacular (Culturally specific to the world of the story)

Editorial Guide: 

Zambezi Magic (channel 162) is looking for a new 120 part drama series which depicts  authentic ‘African’ experiences.The drama must be based in Zambia and showcase the true livelihood and experiences of those living in the country.

The drama series must touch on engrossing and compelling themes, while staying true to the specific world it depicts. It must touch on social commentary without being too didactic.

The drama series must deliver conflict, laughter, tears and create an unparalleled emotional connection with the audience. At the core of our new drama must be unique and new stories, different from our current content slate. The premise of the drama must be strong enough to carry 120 episodes, straying from repetitive narratives.

Creative Requirements: 


Proposals that are replicas of our current drama slate will not be considered.

Exploring new and fresh ideas that tap into the nuances of the market, please bear the following in mind:

  1. The characters must be  relatable yet complex and engaging
  2. The themes must cover real life experiences e.g redemption, good vs evil, forgiveness, betrayal etc
  3. The proposed drama series must have a unique, fresh and exciting treatment of the above mentioned themes.

This drama series must be family friendly and inspirational yet remain rooted in story and encourage appointment viewing.

Submission Requirements: 

  1. Brief synopsis of the concept.
  2. Dramatic Question, Premise
  3. A statement of intent – why is this series / story important? Why (do you think it) should it be produced?
  4. A clear and powerful world of the story.
  5. Character biographies for the main characters including their traits, goals, needs and flaws as well an indication of relationships.
  6. A summary of the main characters arcs/journeys as well as Episodic summaries for 25 episodes.

Please note:

Only submissions from writers based in Zambia will be considered.

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